Herbert A. Ecker, Jr., MD, DMD, FACS

Dr. Herbert Ecker, Jr. came back to the Williamsport area in 1982.  He joined the practice of his father and thus continuing the art and practice of Plastic Surgery in the North Central, PA area, dating back to 1949.


Dr. Ecker, boarded in plastic surgery, performs numerous general plastic and reconstructive procedures involving the face, breast, abdomen and extremities.  Treatment of skin lesions and cancers include a variety of treatment options.


Asthetic/Cosmetic Surgeries include a number of facial procedures - as well as body and breast procedures.


Non-surgical treatment options such as fillers, Botox and laser treatments are used to fight off the aging process as long as possible.


Our skin care program is well known for its simplicity and effectiveness.


He has continued to run the Williamsport Cleft Palate Clinic caring for congenital deformities, i.e. Cleft Lip and Palate.


In addition to Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ecker's dental training has resulted in numerous referrals for maxillofacial surgery - both reconstructive and traumatic.  He treats oral, salivary, and head and neck tumors, as well as maxillary/mandibular orthognathic procedures.  He is a member of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons.


The Williamsport Hand Center was developed with the philosophy to provide care for those with hand injuries and disabilities.  We emphasize the coordination of the hand surgery with post-op modalities including physical therapy and occupational hand therapy.  The functional recovery for the hand patient strongly depends on this close coordinated care as proven by other nationally recognized hand centers.


Dr. Ecker has had a special interest in hand surgery, being a member of the American Association for Hand Surgery. As the only experienced hand surgeon in North Central Pennsylvania, he performs micro vascular, micro nerver repairs, endoscopic joint and carpal tunnel surgery, tendon repairs, reconstructive bone, joint and tendon procedures.


Dr. Ecker is known for his expertise in joint replacement procedures, for correction of basal thumb, wrist and finger arthritis.  His experience with nerve injuries besides carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve also include Thoracic Outlet Syndromes and other upper extremity neuropathies.